The Best Donuts in the Waimakariri!


They say donuts are the new cupcake and we tend to agree.  We searched out the top 6 spots for that perfect donut in our district and here's and what we found (caution this post will leave your mouth watering!):


Donut 2Red Eight Cafe

143 Williams St, Kaiapoi

These guys make their delicious brioche donuts for special occasions! School holidays, Sweet Treat Fridays, Markets and just because sometimes - so watch their Facebook page to see when they are instore.

Beautiful soft dough, filled with freshly made pastry creme and topped with deliciousness! We have it on very good authority that the newly created sponge drop is not to be frowned upon either!

Stonebaked donutStonebaked Bakery

144 High St, Rangiora

The newest addition to Rangiora is fast gaining popularity with their homebaked goods and donuts being one of their specialties.  A browse of their cabinet is a must with a simple sugar coated donut right through to the most popular custard or jam filled goodies. 

You can grab a daily donut and a fresh loaf of homebaked bread too! Yum!!  


DonutsKingsford Kitchen

6 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora

Serving fresh donuts every day with the flavour changing daily.

Kingsford Kitchen's most common flavours are salted caramel, lemon cheesecake, raspberry cream, chocolate mousse and the classic custard cream with either chocolate or jam.  Keep an eye on their facebook page for donut specials and flavours!

Sheffield DonutThe Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

78 Main Street, Oxford

Not just pies!!  Whilst The Sheffield Pie Shop is renowned for its delicious kiwi pie, these guys also do a mean donut in their cabinet! 

From your traditional cream donut to a hint of caramel, these fresh baked daily beauties are set to satisfy on every level!


Soda donut

Soda Cafe

1 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora

New to the cabinet at Soda Cafe, these guys have created a few beauties!

Cinnamon coated fresh cream and raspberry coulis is the current flavor however be sure to look out for a caramel apple and custard maybe a lemon meringue over the coming months.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updated flavors!




Artisan DOnutArtisan by Rangiora Bakery

18 High Street, Rangiora

Known for their more traditional donuts these guys serve up a range of flavors from cinnamon to custard and cream to the good ol' classic round donut with raspberry jam. 

Add some curly fries to this and you have a complete meal - viola!