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2nd Birthday Picnic with Cake and Mushroom Growing workshop

15th September
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Kaiapoi Food Forest
03 3270066
Its our second birthday...its time to celebrate what the community have achieved with cake a picnic and mushroom workshop.. Plus Are you interested in exploring how to grow your own mushrooms or perhaps start a small scale mushroom operation? At 1pm... We will have the team from Sporeshift Mushrooms showing you how to grow your own mushrooms.. Plus Lucy and Michael will lead foraging for mushrooms.. so if you are keen to learn about mushrooms....come along at 1pm At 3pm we will have a picnic, cake from Holly of Madam Valentine Cakes... Plus Wassail non alcoholic punch (thank you Garth Forsberg for making the punch)... All you have to do is bring along your picnic and picnic blanket. The picnic is a great time to come along and learn how we grow food cost, time efficiently and sustainably ... Less Work - More Yield - More Fun - Learn to Work with Nature and Enjoy Abundance... and we can show you how and maybe help to get you started... even if you are renting. You will have noticed that we have planted out hundreds and hundreds of strawberry plants... we use these as our ground cover to keep down weeds.. We are starting to plant more of the understory small trees and plants... things like citrus trees that require the protection of the larger trees and we are looking at getting more berries, herbs etc....ie Goji chocolate mint and blueberries ...plus anything that is unusual...or if you have seedlings or runners from your own garden... if you are in the position to donate we would be grateful.. bring them along on the day and we can plant them together ... thank you See you at the Picnic