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Muscle Car Madness

23rd January
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Saturday 23rd January

Late last minute Harry day displays after 8am before 9am please. From 8am. Scrutineering for Stadium Finance Burnout pad from 9am till 10am - there will be a queue. All cars in the arena by 9am, the public are coming... 9:00am Public welcome to view cars in arena - clean and presentable. All junk hidden, tidied or left at home. 9:00am The Brothers Grimm begins it's soundcheck in the main area for the Bands. 11:30 pre purchased boxed lunches available and served at the A&P rooms. 12 noon - Retro Rockabilly Pageant starts. The Sign of the Firebird band begins to play out by the burnout pad an hour before the cars compete. 1.30pm Burnout pad opens for public entertainment, or for campers the World Famous Bus Trip departs - tickets strictly limited. 4pm Public leave 6-7pm Evening Meals served in the A&P rooms 9pm Rockabilly evening kicks off in the Tin Shed with overseas bands and reasonably priced drinks. 10:pm all open headers to be in the off position 11:pm - 6am all noises to cease and desist - curfew starts, neighbours and elderly folks are now resting!

Sunday 24th January 2021

Scrutineering for Burnout pad from 9am till 10am - there will be a queue. 9:00am the gates open to the public, this is the big day: All show until the prize giving. 1.30pm the Burnout pad opens for the Finals. Late last minute day displays after 8am before 9am please. Bands on site after 9am Public access until 4pm. 4pm Close down on another year, our 30th year!