Alpine Jet Thrills

Alpine Jet Thrills Christchurch

Shallow twisting streams, Turquoise Blue water, Nor-west arch, Swaying broom, the mighty Waimakariri has it all. Alpine Jet Thrills have been showing thousands of international tourists and locals the many fascinating scenes in one of New Zealand's newest regional parks.

Jet Boating is a truly unique way of seeing the Waimakariri River's lower braided river system. Constantly changing and ever challenging. The Alpine Jet Thrills drivers speed and spin in places sometimes only centimetres deep. Their three Hamilton Jet boats make short work of the swift flowing river as it rushes from the Southern Alps to the Sea.

The translation of Waimakariri is 'river of cold rushing water'. This makes it very popular for salmon and trout fishing. On any of the tours provided by Jet Thrills it is possible to see the many examples of birdlife that make this area their home - Wrybills, Spur-Winged Plover and Black Shag.

Four tours are available 7 days a week from the exciting 30 minute 'Braided Blast' and the 60 minute 'Braid Plus' to the 90 minute Jet Trek and amazing combination of Horse Trek and 'Braided Blast' with Waimak River Horse Treks. If you want to get off the ground to see some more of the river and surrounding area then the Heli Jet is definitely the way to do it.

Jet Thills operates daily from below the State Highway 1 Bridge 15 minutes north of Christchurch City Centre.


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