Group Activities
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The main activities undertaken by the Ashley Rakahuri River Care Group are:

DSC 2903During 2016/17 there were many opportunities to improve awareness of the Group’s activities.  Twelve articles appeared in local papers.  PowerPoint presentations were given to five schools, four service clubs, plus a well-attended braided river seminar (150 present) on June 26, 2017.  In September, 2016, Canterbury TV visited the riverbed and made a short video. Riverbed visits during the breeding season proved to be popular with the public, with over 30 attending in early November.  Also popular and appearing in many sites throughout Canterbury, were flocks of cut-out birds.  ‘The Flock’ was successful in drawing attention to the arrival of riverbed birds for the summer breeding season, with hundreds of colourfully decorated bird silhouettes made by schools and community groups.

All photos by ARRG members - Lynley Cook, John Dowding and Nick Ledgard