Eating Out

Waimakariri has a strong history of agricultural production and the early settlements were established to service the needs of farming as well as forestry and milling.

Today the production from the land has become more specialised, with the fresh flavours of Waimakariri's food available from local roadside stalls, farmers' markets, the local cafes and restaurants.

Waimakariri is home to a well known cheese factory - Karikaas, local cafes (organic and classic), restaurants with a kiwi and international flavour, well-known pizza chains like Winnie Bagoes and Spagalimi's, the NZ staples of fish 'n chips and pies, and excellent bakeries like Artisans and Continental's Kingsford Kitchen

You can also experience the local flavours and meet the passionate locals on the North Canterbury Food & Wine Trail or Order the Guide.