The small settlement of Cust promises expansive views over rural farmland, across to the rolling hills and distant mountains. Stop and stretch your legs as you peruse the niche shops, soak up the views and enjoy a drink or meal at the café or pub. 

Historically Cust was home to the New Zealand Motorcycle Grand Prix. Burt Munro, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the Hollywood movie The World’s Fastest Indian, was a regular contender at this event.

Cust history begins in the 16th century -  Maori village of the Waitaha tribe, named “Kapukariki”, meaning the little Kapuka tree.

The river and village are now named after Sir Edward Cust, who was a prominent member of the Canterbury association, which arranged the early NZ settlement and immigrant ships sailing to Canterbury ( 1850-1853). By 1866 there were already about 150 houses and 500 people living in the Cust area.

Cust was known as the home of the NZ Motorcycle Grand Prix which was held on the Cust road circuit between 1936 – 1963. Burt Munroe who was portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the Hollywood Movie “The World’s Fastest Indian” was a regular contender. A cairn on Terrace Road marks the start/finish (below a hill which served as a natural grandstand.

More information on Cust

You can view more information on Cust via the website Cust Village.  For information on Cust for businesses development and support please refer to Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC). ENC is the economic development agency for North Canterbury and offers support and training for businesses in North Canterbury.

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