Cust is set on a natural terrace overlooking rural farmland and across to rolling hills and the mountains of Thomas, Richardson and Oxford. The village was first known as Moeraki Downs, then for a time as Middleton or Middleton-on-the-Cust being the middle town between Oxford and Rangiora.

What's Popular in Cust

Cust is a popular stop on the Inland Scenic Route 72 with a peaceful village atmosphere and friendly locals that look after you. Take time to discover Route 72 Cafe Bar Emporium, a treasure trove of unique gifts, bags and home wares and a favourite stop for tasty food and coffee. Away With The Fairys is located in the old historic Blacksmith's and you will find the fairy, bear and patchwork shop that many travel 100's of kilometres to visit. Wee children will be mesmerised with the bears and fairies. 


The nearby Cust River was named after Sir Edward Cust in 1849, who was a member of the Canterbury Association, which organised the immigrant ships, and early settlement of Canterbury 1850 - 1853. Later, Cust was adopted to be the name for the town.

Just along the road is the Cust Hotel, which was built in the early 1860s as an accommodation house and became licensed in 1863. The licence required stables to be available for travellers' horses and became a favourite 'halfway house' for the bullock wagoners carting timber from 'Harewood Forest'  of Oxford to Rangiora. The original hotel is incorporated in the present building.

Only 1.5 kms north of Cust on Mill Road, is the Cust Domain. The spacious 11 hectares contains sports fields, equestrian arena, freedom camping area, picnic area, kitchen and pavilion available for hire. 

Venues in Cust

Venues available for hire in Cust:
Cust Community Hall
Cust Domain Pavilion

For information on Cust for businesses development and support please refer to Enterprise North Canterbury

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