Kaiapoi is a picturesque river town built on the banks of the Kaiapoi River, close to the mouth of the Waimakariri River. Kaiapoi offers a number of aquatic activities as well as an array of shops, services, natural attractions and events. Whilst it is a rapidly growing town it has maintained the heart and feel of a village.

Kaiapoi is a place of significance to Māori. Historically, this was where Māori gathered and traded the resources from their kāinga (village). As such, the name Kaiapoi translates from Māori as ‘kai’ (meaning ‘food’) and ‘poi’ (meaning ‘to be swung in from other places’).

Kaiapoi is easily accessed from the Northern Motorway, State Highway One, just 25 minutes’ north of Christchurch.

Further Information on Kaiapoi

For information on Kaiapoi for businesses development and support please refer to Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC). ENC is the economic development agency for North Canterbury and offers support and training for businesses in North Canterbury.

Kaiapoi Promotions Association (KPA) is a local community organisation that works with their business members and partners to run visitor events that showcase the town and hosts local business functions. KPA also advocates and promotes the town of Kaiapoi.

Location of Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi is the first town you come to when leaving Christchurch, being a 10minute journey north on SH1

Kaiapoi Street Map

Print out a detailed street map of Kaiapoi here