Oxford is a small town set at the foothills of the Southern Alps, 45 minutes from Christchurch and is on the inland scenic route from Rangiora in the east and Darfield in the West.

Oxford offers many leisure activities for you to enjoy; shopping, cafes’ and restaurants, markets, local arts and craft, golf, horse riding and offers an array of short walks, and tramps through native bush.

 Originally, it was served by the Oxford Branch railway, and had two stations, East Oxford and West Oxford. The line closed in 1959 and was dismantled. Some railway signs and the remnants of railway platforms can still be seen along Oxford Road on the way to Rangiora.

It was originally a logging town: trees were felled from forests in the area, and hauled by beast to Christchurch. A mural depicting life from that era is painted on the side wall of the butchers shop.

The town was named after the nearby Oxford Forest. This in turn was named either after Oxford in England and in particular Oxford University, or, more probably, after Samuel Wilberforce, bishop of Oxford, who was a member of the Canterbury Association.

Oxford has won awards for the most beautiful village and the most beautiful toilet

Further Information on Oxford

For information on Oxford for businesses development and support please refer to Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC). ENC is the economic development agency for North Canterbury and offers support and training for businesses in North Canterbury.

Oxford Promotions Action Committee (OPAC) is a local community organisation that works with their business members and partners to run visitor events that showcase the town and hosts local business functions. OPAC also advocates and promotes the town of Oxford.

Location of Oxford

Oxford is about 45minutes from Christchurch heading north then turning left on to Tram Rd before connecting with the Inland Scenic Route 72.