Tūhaitara Coastal Park

Tūhaitara Coastal Park offers fun rides for families and individuals, stretching from the Waimakariri to the Ashley River. 

Take the time on your ride to enjoy this special environment that offers ecological, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for all who visit.

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TKOT Map Jan2020

Pegasus Trail

The Pegasus Trail links Kaiapoi with Kairaki Beach. There are three parts to this trail (as detailed below) and each part is separated by roads.

Only part of this trail can be taken on bikes, however you can continue your journey on a bike if you switch to the Tutaepatu Trail.

Presently signage is being constructed to aid you on your journey from one part to the next. In the meantime directions given below.

Access: You can access this ride from different stages; 

Kaiapoi to Pines/Kairaki 
Pines/Kairaki to Woodend
Pines/Kairaki to Kaiapoi
Woodend Beach to Waikuku
Woodend Beach to Kairaki
Waikuku Beach to Woodend

1. Kaiapoi - Kairaki 

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This part of the trail is on an all surface stop bank which follows the Kaiapoi River as it meets with the Waimakariri River. Whilst parts of this track are a little bumpy it is well worth the effort to enjoy the views. 

(This section of the Trail is in the Waimakariri Regional Park and merges with the Tūhaitara Coastal Park)

Distance: 5km

Access:  Kaiapoi to Pines/Kairaki, Pines/Kairaki to Kaiapoi

Viewing: Mountains, Waimakariri River, forest, wetland.


2. Kairaki - Woodend 

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Enjoy a fun track that takes you along a water way and through the forest.

Distance: 5.5km.

AccessPines/Kairaki to Woodend, Woodend Beach to Pines/Kairaki

Viewing: Forest, waterway.


3. Woodend - Waikuku

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This is a walking track that takes you through the pine forest to Waikuku Beach. Expect to be serenaded by the sound of the waves. Keep an eye out for tracks that will take you to the beach.

Distance: 5km.

Access: Woodend Beach to WaikukuWaikuku Beach to Woodend.  From the Waikuku end, Turn into the gated park area and walk through the grasslands until you come to a pathway, turn left and follow until you come to a substantial track. Turn right and follow all the way to Woodend. 

Viewing: Forest, beach settlement, beach.

Tūtaepatu Trail 

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Woodend - Waikuku

This part of the track has recently been deforested. Keep an eye out for new plantings of both pine and natives. Stop and have a look out over the Tūtaepatu Lagoon. 

Distance: 5km 
Access: WoodendWaikuku and Pegasus Town, (see sign for Northern Pegasus Bay).
Viewing: Beach, pine forest, lagoon, mountains, beach settlements.

Te Kōhanga Wetlands

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Te Kōhanga is the 97 hectare recreation and conservation area of Pegasus. Enjoy a range of natural habitats of native plants and animals. This is a two way shared track.

Distance: 4km.

Access: Pegasus Main StreetTiritirimoana Drive.

Viewing: Wetlands with great bird life. Native flora. 

Getting more from the trails:

Make your ride and walk longer by joining with the Kaiapoi Island Trail at one end and the Rakahuri Trail in Waikuku. 

Or if you fancy a look around Pegasus Town and some refreshments, turn off at Pegasus 
and travel 500m to the Tiritirimoana Drive.

If you want to head to Woodend township, and join up with the Rangiora - Woodend Path to Rangiora, take the Jill Creamer Trail from Woodend Beach.