Glentui Forest

Glentui is a very popular recreational area that offers visitors a variety of track options from easy walks through the native bush, to moderately steep climbing to the Mt Richardson summit where there are sweeping views of the Puketeraki Range and Lees Valley.

Access for all walks, except the Blowhard Track, is from the Glentui picnic area located about 5 km east of the Ashley Gorge Bridge. Turn left onto Glentui Bush Road, off the Oxford to Loburn Road. This winding gravel road emerges at the picnic area after about 2.5 km.

Mountain biking is permitted on the Blowhard Track only. Horse riders also use the Blowhard Track so cyclists take care and watch for other track users.

Important Information: Lighting of fires is prohibited and some tracks may be closed so check with the local DOC office first.

Glentui Waterfall Track

Duration: 30 minutes return
Description of Walk: It is signposted from the Glentui picnic area, this easy walk leads to a lookout providing an impressive view of a beautiful waterfall on the Glentui River.
Intensity: Suitable for people of all fitness and abilities.

Glentui Loop Track Nature Trail

Duration: 1 hour return
Description of Walk: From the Glentui picnic area this track descends to the Glentui River then climbs a ridge on the other side. It links first with the Bypass Track, then the Richardson Track before returning to the picnic area.
Intensity: Suitable for people of low to moderate fitness and abilities.

Mt Richardson Summit Richardson Track

Duration: 3 hours one way
Description of Walk: Starting at the Glentui Picnic area, this moderate to steep track climbs first through tawhai forest and then through tussock grasslands and Dracophyllum scrub on the upper slopes of Mt Richardson (1047 metres).
Intensity: Suitable for people of moderate to high fitness and abilities.
Important Information:Mountain bikers are not permitted on this track.

Bypass Track

Duration: 1-2 hours one way (downhill). The round trip from the Glentui Picnic Area via the Richardson, Blowhard, and Bypass tracks is a 4-6 hour walk.
Route: Richardson and Blowhard tracks are linked by a bypass track which starts near the mid-point of the Blowhard Track. It follows a ridge down the eastern side of the Glentui River catchment, to emerge on the Glentui Nature Trail.
Intensity: Suitable for people of moderate to high fitness and abilities.
Important Information: Mountainbikes are not permitted on this track.

Blowhard Track

Duration: 3-4 hours one way
Location: Glentui Ashley Gorge Road crosses Washpool Stream to become Birch Hill Road. After 1 km, turn left onto Maori Reserve Road and follow for 3.5 kms to the track head near the Boy's Brigade Camp.
Description of Walk: The lower portion climbs a wind-swept ridge through tall open forest and emerges through stunted tawhai onto open grasslands. Skeleton tree trunks along the top ridge are a legacy of wildfire which swept up the Lees Valley. About 500 metres before Mt Richardson peak (1047 metres) on the Blowhard Track, another track descends for 2 hours to access the Ashley River in the Lees Valley.
Intensity: Suitable for people of moderate to high fitness and abilities.
Important information: Mountain bikes may be used on the Blowhard Track. Bikers please take care when passing other forest users on the track.